Toward Quantitative Scenarios of Climate Change Impacts in Switzerland

Foreword 7
Summary 9
1 Introduction to the CH2014-Impacts initiative 19
2 The CH2014-Impacts approach to scenario-based impact quantification 23
3 Data basis of CH2014-Impacts - The Swiss Climate Change Scenarios CH2011 31
4 Temperature-based climate indices for sector-specific impact assessment 41
5 Cryospheric aspects of climate change - impacts on snow, ice, and ski tourism 49
6 Hydrological responses to climate change: river runoff and groundwater 57
7 Impacts on the biodiversity of widely distributed birds and vascular plants: species richness and turnover * 69
8 Climate change impacts on tree species, forest properties, and ecosystem services 79
9 Implications of changes in seasonal mean temperature for agricultural production systems: three case studies 91
10 Energy consumption of buildings - direct impacts of a warming climate and rebound effects 99
11 The impact of climate change on selected indicators of human health: pharmaceutical sales, doctor visits, and hospitalizations 107
12 Synthesis 113
13 Future perspectives 125
References 127

* Please note that the color scale Fig 7.1 was corrected compared to the printed version.